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Publisher's Deception on Indexing Claim - Authors, Beware of predatory journals!!!

Recently I came across websites of numerous Journals where they claim they are Indexed in Research Gate, Academia, Researcher Id and etc.., to my surprise. How come a journal gets indexed here? All these websites are Social networking websites. With an example, I will show you how an author can be deceived.
Publisher's Deception on Indexing Claim - Authors Beware of predatory journals!!!

The above picture is a snapshot of a real journal. 

1. The first thing we see is "Thomson Reuters' Research ID: ******** Indexed Journals" This is what the publishers say. Actually, it is "Thomson Reuters Researcher ID". From the FAQ section of Researcher Id I find this:
What is ResearcherID.com?
ResearcherID is a website where invited researchers can register for a unique ResearcherID number. At this site, users can: Update their profile information; Build their publication list using Web of Science search services or uploading a file; Select to make their profile public or private. Registered as well as non-registered users can search the Researcher Registry to view profiles and find potential collaborators.
From the above answer given, it is clear that the Researcher Id is meant for Authors and not for Publishers. This is something misleading and FYI, Impact factor calculated and published by Thomson Reuters (Journal Citation Reports) is highly recognisable and recommended metric by almost all indexing and abstracting institutions. Researcher Id is not an indexing portal and the publishers claim is not valid here.

2. The journal is having a Google Scholar profile Link!!! It's again surprising. Google Scholar is a freely accessible web search engine that indexes the full text or metadata of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines. Google Scholar profile is available for authors i.e Individuals. I am surprised how can a publisher have his Google scholar profile which doesn't make sense to me. The search engines collect metadata and other information from recognised websites. To know more about how the journals are included into google scholar read their inclusion policy. Create a profile and feeding the metadata is not a proper way of getting indexed in Google Scholar.

3. The impact factors mentioned above is not the same impact factors calculated by Thomson Reuters. The report is published by Clarivate Analytics which is successor of Thomson Reuters on publishing the report called "Journal Citation Reports"  

4. The same website claims to be indexed in websites like Research Gate, Academia and etc..,. These are social networking sites for authors where they can meet and collaborate on research works. Here the authors use to feed their information about published papers, working papers, conferences, Books, datasets and much more.., So, Publisher claiming that they are indexed here doesn't make any sense.

5. Publishers like these, show they are indexed in Web of Science, Scopus, DOAJ and other reputable indexing directories. It is your duty to check the originality of information provided. Beware of such predatory publishers and Submit your original research work to reputed journals. It is also the duty of academicians to not to encourage such publishers. Many academicians publish their works in such journals because it's easy and fast to publish. The point to be noted is does it worth to call yourself a researcher publishing in such journals? I believe this is a corrupted way and the path leads to nowhere but its just a circle you are journeying. Let's do original research to explore ideas.

Let me know your viewpoints and Kindly point out publishers or journals you find to be predatory. Leave the points in the comment section below.

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Note: The post is to create awareness among academicians and not an act to prove someone's mistake. if any publisher finds such mistakes in their journals. Kindly take it as a constructive comments.
One more example here:
Publisher's Deception on Indexing Claim - Authors Beware of predatory journals!!!

Stock Market Dictionary buy at Amazon

Hello all my readers, It's my pleasure to announce you My first Book publication. 
Stock Market Dictionary has been produced to aid beginners in the challenging task of becoming familiar with new vocabulary and terminology that is used in Stock exchanges. This could be a valuable reference tool that can be used when attending seminars, watching or listening to financial programs and reading the financial market material. The book contains 587 glossary and 123 commonly used abbreviations and acronyms in finance and the stock market.
Kindle version
Paperback version: Stock-Market-Dictionary-collection-abbreviations
Share the links to your friends and your librarian. Motivate to buy, its just Rs.99 (Kindle version).
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Who are the participants in Stock market?

economy-2245097_640-001Anyone who transacts i.e. Trade or Invests in the stock market is called a Market Participant. The stock market attracts individuals and institutions from diverse backgrounds.  The market participant can be classified into various categories. Some of the categories of market participants are as follows:
  1. Domestic Retail Participants – These are people like you and me Buying and Selling, Trading and Investing in Share Market.
  2. NRI’s, PIO and OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) – These are people of Indian origin but based outside India.
  3. Domestic Institutions – These are large corporate entities based in India. A perfect example would be the LIC of India.
  4. Domestic Asset Management Companies (AMC) – Typical participants in this category would be the mutual fund companies such as SBI Mutual Funds, Canara Robeco Mutual Fund, HDFC AMC,  etc.
  5. Foreign Institutional Investors – These are Non-Indian corporate entities. These could be foreign asset management companies, hedge funds and other investors. These could be an institution or even a Government. For example: Government of Singapore, Franklin Templeton Investment Funds.

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What is OHLC? Understanding Open High Low and closing price of a share | Sulthan Academy

What is OHLC? Understanding Open High Low and closing price of a share | Sulthan Academy
In this Post I will explain you about Open, high, low and closing price of a share. So this is just a basic terms that u need to understand while looking for technical analysis of a stock and to understand different types of chart.
You know in India Market opens at 9:15 AM and closes at 15:30 PM during which there were many trades. It will be practically impossible to track all these different price points. So the fact is one needs a summary of the trading action and not really the details on all the different price points.
By tracking the Open, high, low and close we can draw a summary of the price action and how the stock is perfuming.
O - The open is when the markets open for trading, the first price at which a trade executes is called the opening Price.
H - The high represents the highest price at which the stock was traded on the given day.
L – The low represents the lowest level at which the stock was traded on the given day.
C - The close represents the closing price  and it is the most important price because it is the final price at which the market closed for a particular period of time. The close serves as an indicator for the intraday strength. If the close is higher than the open, then it is considered a positive day else it is a negative day for the particular share.  The closing price also shows the market sentiment and serves as a reference point for the next day’s trading. For these reasons, closing price is more important than the Open, High or Low prices.
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What Is A Cancelled Cheque? Its uses and Sample

Sample Cancelled cheque - Sulthan Acadmy
A cancelled cheque simply refers to any cheque that has strike marks on it with the words ‘CANCELLED’ written across. A cancelled cheque is considered to be proof that you actually hold an account with the bank. A cancelled cheque is required in many cases such as Opening a Demat account, withdrawal of EPF funds, setting an Electronic Clearance Service from the account. Next, let me illustrate you how to make a Cancelled Cheque.
Making a Cancelled Cheque

1. To cancel a cheque leaf, all you need to do is draw two parallel lines across the cheque and write ‘CANCELLED’ in between the two lines. (like in the sample above)
2. A cancelled cheque doesn’t require your signature or Date.
A cancelled cheque provides information such as account number, account holder’s name, MICR code, IFSC code, name and branch of the bank. Even though no one can withdraw money from your account using a cancelled cheque, fraudulent activities using a cancelled cheque have happened in the past. So be very careful when you issue a cancelled cheque and make sure that the person you are handing it is trustworthy.
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Investment motivation Quote from Warren Buffett

Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.

Warren Buffett

Investment motivation Quote from Warren Buffett

Interesting facts about Michael Phelps

Interesting facts about Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps  is an American competition swimmer and the most decorated Olympian of all time. He holds 39 world records (29 individual, 10 relay), surpassing Mark Spitz’s previous record of 33 world records (26 individual, 7 relay). The male swimmers with the next-highest career medal totals have exactly half of Phelps’ total. Mark Spitz, Matt Biondi and Ryan Lochte all have 11.

When Michael Phelps was in the sixth grade, he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  The more interesting fact about him is he placed his bedroom environment at a high altitude to decreases the amount of oxygen available, which forces his body to work harder to produce more red blood cells and deliver oxygen to his muscles. It also helps Phelps increase his performance endurance and prepare himself for competitions at high elevations.

“Once I'm already in my room I still have to open a door to get into my bed," Phelps said on the CBS News program "60 Minutes" in 2012. "It's just like a giant box. It's like 'boy and the bubble.'”

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