21 November 2016

List of free and premium websites for financial and economic data

List of free and premium websites for financial and economic data

Data is so much important for researchers, Investment analyst, Quants and in Academia. We are in information age. Data is everywhere in internet. The thing is it depend for where you look for the data. Here I bring you a list of best websites, free and paid platforms  where you can retrieve Financial and economic (macro and micro) data.

  1. Yahoo Finance (free): If you are looking for stock market data like historical share price, ETF, and Mutual funds then Yahoo finance is perfect and free platform. Many Excel sheets and R scripts use Yahoo finance API to get data. To understand how to download read my post DOWNLOADING SHARE PRICES METHOD 1 YAHOO FINANCE TO EXCEL SHEET .
  2. Economagic (free): Economagic provides over 400,000 data files, with charts and excel files for economic data related to most of the country around the world. The site was started in 1996 to help students in an Applied Forecasting class. Majority of the data is related to USA macro economic factors.
  3. Econstats(free): Econstats holds large source of historical data on US and other economies, both economic and financial data presented in a spreadsheet.
  4. Bankscope(Paid): Bankscope specially holds data of almost all banks around the globe. It may be commercial, private, public, central, Islamic, or of any kind. Still the database holds financial details of banks.
  5. Worldbank(free): World bank database is named as DataBank that contains collections of time series data on a variety of economic and social data of countries. You can create your own queries; generate tables, charts, and maps; and easily save, embed, and share them.
  6. IMF(free): Its a Superb resource for economic data contains 32,000 macro times series covering over 200 countries, and trade stats.
  7. WTO(free): If you are looking for trade data then its perfect location that includes exports and imports by product group, trade in services and tariff related data.
  8. International Labor Office(free): This website Collects huge amounts of labour related data that includes employment, wages, Child labour stat, labour productivity, income distribution and more.
  9. Trading Economics(free): Provides economic data on over 230 countries along with historical data on some 300,000 economic indicatorsincluding bond yields, stock indices and commodity prices.
  10. United nations database (free): United Nations has data covering, crime, education, energy, environment, gender, health, population, tourism and trade and much more.

The above mentioned are some of the commonly used database where you can find and retrieve data for your research. Share your list of database in comment section. Subscribe Sulthan Academy for weekly updates. Share with your friends.

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