17 September 2015

Installing LaTeX in Windows/Linux/Mac

Hello all, In this guide I will explain you how to install and setup LaTeX in Windows / Linux / Mac.

Installing and Setting up LaTeX has two parts let me explain step by step

Part-1: Installing TeX distribution

TeX distributions are collections of packages and programs (compilers, fonts, and macro packages) that enable you to typeset without having to manually fetch files and configure things. LaTeX is just a set of macro packages built for TeX.
The recommended distributions for each of the major operating systems are as follows: 
  • MiKTeX recommended for Windows  - click here
  • MacTeX receomended for Mac OS - Click here
  • TeX Live is a major TeX distribution for *BSD, GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows- click here

Install the appropriate distribution based on your OS. after installing the distribution you can immediately start using LaTeX but the inbuilt LaTeX editor is not as user friendly as some standalone LaTeX editors. So I recommend using a separate LaTeX editor alongside of TeX distribution. In next part I will explain you how to install a LaTeX editor.

Part-2: Installing TeX editor

There are many latex editor in the market among all that I recommend using Texmaker which is a opensource software too. It is compatible with windows, Linux and Mac. you can download the editor from here.
some other famous TeX editors are TeXstudio, Inlage, Scientific WorkPlace and WinEdt.

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