02 April 2016

Step by Step tutorial to download Historical stock prices - Method 1 of 2

Historical stock prices are base for technical analysis of Stocks, Indices, ETF, currencies and etc.., Being a PhD scholar in Finance here I share you one of the two main methods of getting the stock prices in excel format. precisely the data will be downloaded in .csv format which is universally accepted in any data analysis software without any issues.

There are different website where you can get the data. For example, in case if you need historical stock prices you can find the data from the concern stock exchange websites which give you daily, weekly, monthly prices.such stock exchange websites are NSE ,BSE and many more. But in this tutorial I recommend using Yahoo finance website which is very handy in acquiring the data of companies listed in different stock exchanges around the globe. Yahoo finance do provide API for developers which can be useful in create simple VB based data downloading spreadsheet. Using the following steps you will be able to download the stock prices. Lets begin the tutorial for the question How to download the Stock prices.

Step-1 : go to http://finance.yahoo.com/ - Yahoo finance website

Step-2 : Now in the left hand side look for a column "quote lookup" as shown in the below image

Step-3 : Enter the name of the company for which you need the historical prices. as soon as you start typing 3 letters of the company the website will suggest you names. so no need to worry about not knowing the exact listed name. In the example you can see I am looking up for  Infosys stock and from the suggestion in drop down list box . there are three Infosys shares. IT depends on yo to choose on which exchange data you need. I am looking for NSE prices of Infosys . So select that and click Go

Step -4 : Now you can see the Infosys stock details in your screen. For obtaining historical prices. simply look for the historical prices column from left hand side. as shown in the image. and select it.

Step-5 : In the Historical prices page. You need to specify the date range that is from which date to which date you need historical prices. Lets say I am looking for daily prices from Jan 01 2015 to March 31 2016. you can opt for any option as you want it may be daily , weekly, monthly or you can see Dividend only option which will return you the dividend history for selected period of time. After entering the date click on "Get prices"

Step-6 : once you have clicked the get prices tab now you will see a table appearing for the selected period of time. now to get this in a excel sheet. Just go to the bottom of the table and you will find a option " Download to SpreadsheetClick on that and now you will see that the file is downloaded.

Now you can use the data for further analysis. Wish you all the best.