13 July 2016

My review on Redmi 3 after using it for past few days. It is a Beast with beauty!

Model: 3GB RAM , 32GB storage
Price : Rs.11,999

I bought Xiaomi’s Redmi 3 on Saturday from Xiaomi’s official website. The buying experience was simple and no worries about it. The product was delivered by Delhivery with COD option. Delivered within 48 hours from Bengaluru to Trichy. After using it for past few days here is my review on Xiaomi Redmi 3.

Design is excellent even though it is a 5.5 inch gadget. The blended edges gives good holding position for hands. The metal body in the back is premium and the volume buttons and power buttons are great, the sim tray is easy to install too.
Battery is the backbone for my recommendation for using Redmi 3. Its gain 4000mah battery gives a real full day experience in your practical life. Using internet, a little games and songs, using GPS while travel, battery doesn’t run out. It’s a marathon. My big Thumbs up to Xiaomi for providing this.
Fingerprint sensor is awesome unlocks mobile and apps with in a second. Works perfectly without any issues.
Sensors: The other sensors in devices are a big boost that give a full experience of owning a smartphone. I am waiting eagerly to buy a VR glasses soon to check the 360 videos and apps.
Ram management is a real quality that this phone doesn’t lag or close your background apps. With 3 gb ram I normally have 1.3 gb ram free with a 130 apps already installed in device.  While fb , whatsapp, viber and etc. take a significant amount of ram still I got 1.3 – 1 gb free. 2gb variant user may have issue of the apps get closed in background.
MIUI the beauty inside the beast. Awaiting for MIUI 8. The best UI in android phones.
Processor  Snapdragon  650 chipset gives smooth performance and the speed is incomparable for phone at this price. Xiaomi’s tagline proves it. Technology for Everyone
Fingerprint position mostly this isn’t big problem but when I place my phone near my laptop and working, every time I receive a msg I have to pick the phone to put my finger in sensor. It would be easier if It is located in front. Still other times I feel it’s good as it is in back. So, it depends on your usage.
Camera indoor / Artificial lighting: This need real improvement, the camera is really good with sunlight or good light condition but in low lighting condition it lags a little. Xiaomi community says the software update will fix this issue, let’s hope for camera enhancement update.

Anyways we cant compliant on the phone because I personally feel you get more than for what you pay. This is a flagship mobile at a very affordable price. Worth for every paisa you spent.

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