23 August 2016

12 points one should take care while investing

12 points one should take care while investing
Instead of keeping the savings idle one may use it to get returns for future, this is called Investment. There are different ways to invest your money such as Fixed deposit, Bonds, Mutual funds, Securities, ETF, Gold, Real estate and etc..  Let it be any investment, before investing your hard earned money I recommend you to have a checklist that is given here. because I had a bitter experience in my past so I share this tips that could save you and your asset in many ways.

1. Obtain written documents explaining the investment
2. Read and understand such documents
3. Verify the legitimacy of the investment
4. Find out the costs and benefits associated with the investment
5. Assess the risk-return profile of the investment
6. Know the liquidity and safety aspects of the investment
7. Ascertain if it is appropriate for your specific goals
8. Compare these details with other investment opportunities available
9. Examine if it fits in with other investments you are considering or you have already made
10. Deal only through an authorized intermediary
11. Seek all clarifications about the intermediary and the investment
12. Explore the options available to you if something were to go wrong
If you are satisfied after scrutinizing the above said elements,  make the investment and keep monitoring it.One of the important reasons why one needs to invest wisely is to meet the
cost of Inflation. Read my post on How your money grows owning a Share? if you are interested in share market.

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