06 December 2017

Some Key Abbreviations used in Statistics


FNR - False Negative Ratio
FPR - False Positive Ratio
iff  - if an only if
I.I.d. - independent and identically distributed
IRQ - inter-quartile range
pdf - probability density function
LSE - Least Square Error
ML - Maximum Likelihood
MSE - Mean Square Error
PDF – probability distribution function
RMS - Root Mean Square Error
r.v. - Random variable
ROC - Receiver Operating Characteristic
SSB - Between-group Sum of Squares
SSE - Error Sum of Squares
SSLF - Lack of Fit Sum of Squares
SSPE - Pure Error Sum of Squares
SSR - Regression Sum of Squares
xxiv - Symbols and Abbreviations
SST - Total Sum of Squares
SSW - Within-group Sum of Squares
TNR - True Negative Ratio
TPR - True Positive Ratio
VIF - Variance Inflation Factor

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