Good evening guys, so this time I didn’t miss the soak test opportunity from Motorola for my G2 (XT1068). The updates are done and here I share the screen shots and details about the update.

After the updates are downloaded you will have an option to Install now or Install later. During this installation time you will not be able to receive or send any phone call or sms. Estimated time taken for installation process after downloading the updates is 30 minutes. During the update you will see a new start up animation — the animated Motorola logo that appears on your display when you turn your phone on – The animation acknowledge product designer Peter Crawley, best known for his “Stitched Illustrations,”. 
As the update process the system will optimise the existing apps installed in your phone. It took approximately 60 min for me to update because I got 201 apps in my phone!!

                    New lockscreen
First notification to set up sd card:

 Completed Update:
The different options available with usb notification:

The new “Now on tap” option feature in Android M

Do not disturb feature:

So, those are the screen shots of the new Android 6.0 and the surprising fact is that the Moto G2 with 1gb ram is smooth and the performance is surely increased with the update. Again motog2 proves to be best phone even after having just 1 gb ram. No bugs noticed as of now. All the apps are working well and I need some time to lookafter battery back up. 

3 thoughts to “Android – Marshmallow on Moto-G2

  • Unknown

    Thanks for sharing. Can you make a TWRP backup of your system?

  • Sulthan Khan

    Thnak you ans sorry I didnt make backup for the updates

  • Zoltan Lendvai

    You can still make it if you're have unlocked bootloader by flashing the twrp recovery. It would be really a big help for us and for the developers on xda.


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