Its my 7th year since I first signed up for Wikipedia as a user but very rarely I did edit on wiki because of my poor knowledge of Wiki markup language. Years passed and I learned using LaTeX and some basic edits in HTML for my blog. So finally I understood the way of editing Wiki. Since then, I started exploring the editing principles in Wiki and just in December 2015 I am able to create my own User-page (My user page) and started making some contributions in wiki-projects such as Academic journals (which is something I do have sound knowledge), copy editing and etc..,  
by the mid of December 2015 I just saw the notification for application of Wikimania 2016 which is going to be held at Esino Lario, Italy. I did know that’s kind of more ambitious to desire on accepting my application and applied but as doubted my application was declined and received a mail today about it. Its fine and I understand that am just a beginner in wiki editing community but hope coming years I will make it. But I am really miss this year’s event.
All the best to Wikimania 2016 team. 

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