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I have been using few apps for reading Quran, among those I often miss something or other in either of the apps. Finally, today I came across  Holy Quran English  in Google play store and I feel this is best and meets all our expectations . so, let me explain its features and how it meets our Expectations.

6 Reason why I recommend this app.

  1. User friendly design – Design is simple fast and gives option to adjust fonts of texts. 
  2. Surah and Juz Index – Most apps either have Surah index or Juz index. This app got the both index.
  3. Reading transliteration with English text – Its very important for people those who are not fluent or doesnt know to read Arabic. one of my friend who is a new Muslim from Philippines wanted a app to read Quran but doesnt know Arabic. So thats where these transliteration can be very useful.
  4.  Multiple English translation – Readers have their own choice in choosing the translations from different scholars across the worls. I personally prefer the translation of Abdullah Yusuf Ali and unfortunately thats missing in this app and i suggest author to add that in future updates. but still the app gives two choice for selecting the translation.
  5. Multiple Audio recitation along with text – Its helps to read in proper tajweed when we read alongside of a audio recitation and this app provides 7 choices . these includes recitation by Syaikh Hani Ar Rifai, Shaikh Mishary Rashid, Shaikh Fares Abbad, Syaikh Mahmud Khalil Al Husary, Syaikh Maher Al Muaiqly, Syaikh Saad Al-Ghamdi, and Shaikh Muhammad Jebril.
  6. It’s Free – the app is absolutely free and no limitations. You can access all the above mentioned features for free.
I believe most of the users accept with these expectation before deciding which application to download. additionally there are Hijri calendar, Qibla direction, prayer times too in this application. 
I give few suggestion to the author to include in future update such as Adding more Translation choice, Adding dark theme makes easy to read in night, showing a length of mp3 while playing audio, adding a text menu explains benefits of reading surah like Ya’sin, Al-Kahf and etc.. , Adding reciation by Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais.

Thank you for the developer for providing this beautiful app. share your Comments and share the post with your friends and  family. 

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