I am a research scholar and gradually it took me 3 years to understand the research world and still learning. It took me so much time to understand the framework of research and publishing. To  be honest,I have just understand how things are working in research world and I have so much to do. To be a good researcher you should first be able to explain what’s your research is about. There is no use of research if you cant present your ideas through a paper which is read and understood by others. For this you need to understand how to write a journal article or submitting a book proposal, learning how to conduct peer review for a high impact journal, understanding research and publishing ethics or writing a successful grant application. This is where Elsevier Publishing campus comes in to help the researchers with their resources to help you achieve your goals. The Elsevier Publishing Campus offers free lectures, interactive training and professional advice.
“Researchers today need to secure funding, collaborate, share data, publish results, commercialize research and demonstrate impact. Early career researchers in particular are under significant pressures and Elsevier is committed to supporting you on your way to publishing a world class journal article or book and developing your career as a successful professional researcher.” Hannah Foreman, Head of Researcher Relations,  Elsevier.
Elsevier Publishing Campus users are also entitled to a 30% discount on ALL Elsevier books and a 10% discount on Elsevier Webshop services and products.

What you get inside campus:

  • Interactive training courses guide you carefully through a topic and test your knowledge along the way. Average completion time is 15-30 minutes.
  • Online lectures present a topic by leading experts and engage in Q&A towards the end to boost the discussion. Average completion time is 15 minutes.
  • LIVE online lectures present a topic by leading experts and are followed by a live Q&A which you can join in! Average completion time is 50 minutes.
  • Attending and completing any of the above will result in your being awarded a Certificate of Completion. They will be available at the end of each course of lecture to download and they are automatically stored in your profile.
Taking these courses will help a researcher to develop and get perfect with their skills. I thank Elsevier for creating such useful platform for people like me. Wish other researchers do get benefited by this. Visit: https://www.publishingcampus.elsevier.com for more details. 
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