Evince an alternative for Adobe reader on Linux for PDF readers
Its been One and half month I have completely migrated from Windows to Linux distro. On my experience I face some compatibility issues and problems in finding substitute for software that I use in Linux. One such key problem is to find good reader like Adobe reader. I am researcher and I read more books in my laptop. 

Adobe reader is free for Windows , Mac and Android users and its mostly used among the PC, tablet and Mobile users. Un fortunately Adobe doesnt supports its pdf reader with Linux distros. The good thing is there is a better substitute for adobe reader . Ya I mean better substitute . It’s Evince.

Evince is document viewer for multiple document formats. It supports the following file formats: PDF, Postscript, djvu, tiff, dvi, XPS, SyncTex support with gedit, comics books (cbr,cbz,cb7 and cbt). The question is will it work as good as an Adobe Reader for Windows. 

Evince is default document viewer on Gnome desktop and in Ubuntu distros. I tested myself the reader with one simple pdf document, a pdf with lot of graphics (a DK Publication’s )and a signatures pdf file (aadhar card).

Both simple pdf and a pdf with lot of graphics opened and had a smooth flow of pages over the document. The pdf is light weight and doesn’t slow down the other multitasking software side by side .Where as Adobe reader take a significant amount of RAM for smooth performance. 

As far as Signature pdf. I used my Aadhar card. The document opned with out any issues after receiving a prompt for password as Aadhar is password protected file. But there is a problem in verifying the signature. I found in Ubuntu support forum. Evince unfortunately doesn’t support this feature to verify the documents signature yet as of Feb 2017. Developers are working on it and hope you will get the support soon.

Apart from the only problem of signature verification. Everything else is better in Evince compared to Adobe on my personal usage. Let me know your views and experience on this. Leave your opinion in comment section.

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