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Earlier this morning when I am accessing my YouTube channel’s feature my chrome browser returned me “500 server error ” and stating expert monkeys are sent to fix the problems with a monkey picture in right side of the window. This looks really funny. But trust me its annoying for many users out there, just like for me. so let me explain you how to fix this error.

What doesn’t work?

Let me first explain you few tweaks that I tried which actually doesn’t work for me:
1. Restarted my Chrome browser
2. Used different internet browser i.e. Internet explorer , Still doesn’t work
3. Cleared my Cache and History in chrome browser, Nope doesn’t help me either!!
4. Restarted my laptop. Still the monkeys are working !!
So, All the above actions doesn’t end up fixing the error and I believe the monkey are confused to fix! Any ways Jokes apart. 

Fix is here  

Actually the fix is very simple. Just clear your YouTube cookies in chrome. Here are the steps to clear cookies..
1. Go to “Settings” and search “Cookie”
2. Select “Content settings”
3. Select “All cookies and site data”
4. Search “YouTube” and delete both the content usins ‘x’ sign from the results
That’s it . The error is fixed and monkeys are gone. Enjoy your time in youtube now. See you again in another post.
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