Measurement scales are classified popularly under four categories:

  1. Nominal,
  2. Ordinal,
  3. Interval,
  4. Ratio.

Let’s discuss in brief about these measurement scales before going on for some technical details. If you want to test Network of 50 smart phone users. Let’s begins by evaluating each on 4G – Non 4G data; this is a nominal measurement. Then the users ranks the Quality from best to worst; this is an ordinal measurement. Next, the mobile users uses a 5 or 7 point scale that has equal distance between points to rate the 4G network with regard to some criterion (e.g., data speed, Coverage, cost and etc.., ); this is an interval measurement. Finally, the user considers another network dimensions (eg.3G) and assigns 100 points among the 50 smart phone users; this is a ratio measurement. The characteristics of these measurement scales are summarized in below table.

Measurement Scales - Sulthan Academy

Note: Likert scale variables falls under Ordinal and/or Interval scale depends on the nature of the measurement.

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