Download here full paper: Researchgate

Paper published in International Research Journal of Pure Algebra ISSN: 2248-9037

This paper proposed a new generalization of Sam-Solai’s Multivariate Wigner distribution of kind-1 of Type-B from the univariate case. Further, we find its Cumulation, Marginal, Conditional distributions, Generating functions and also discussed its special case. The special cases include the transformation of Sam-solai’s Multivariate Wigner distribution of Kind-1 of Type-B into Multivariate one parameter Wigner distribution of Kind-1 of Type-B, Multivariate Wigner distribution of Kind-1 of Type-A, Multivariate log-Wigner distribution of Kind-1 of Type-B and Multivariate Inverse -Wigner distribution of Kind-1 of Type-B. It is found that the conditional variance of Sam-Solai’s Multivariate conditional Wigner distribution is heteroscedastic and the correlation was found to be +0.16. Area values of the bi-variate Wigner surface also extracted and bi-variate Wigner surfaces, contours are visualized.

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