David Sam Jayakumar, GS and Sulthan, A
SCMS Journal of Indian Management, 10(3), 2013
Publication year: 2013


The purpose of this study is to throw light on different types of stress factors, stress symptom and their impact of stress on college students from three different major disciplines namely Arts, Engineering and Management in Tiruchirapalli district, Tamil Nadu. The transition of students from the school environment to College environment could cause a psychological, academic and social shock to them since the educational system has huge differences: the student will face new methods of teaching, new academic requirements, new type of relations between students and faculties and even new relations among students themselves. Due to these changes, students can potentially experience different types of stress that can affect their mental health, social health and their academic achievements. Stress is one of the main aspects of our modern life, resulted from the rapid changes in human life, so this age is called the age of stress, students suffer from academic stress resulted from testing, home works and other college requirements which may exceed their abilities, sometimes the same person suffers from different types of stress at the same time.