I read pdf daily it would be a Journal, Book, report , Encyclopedia and/or etc.., The problem I face while reading pdf in my laptop or tablet is that my eyes feels strain very soon after reading quite for sometime. The reason for this because of the white background in the pages of pdf file. So, here I got some tips to modify your settings in adobe reader which will help your eyes from getting strained. Follow the procedures below.

1. Default look of a pdf in Adobe reader

2. go to Edit> preferences 

3. In custom color by default the Page background will be White and Document Text will be Black

4. Change the page background to black and Document text to white

5. there u can see the change and its better now for yours eyes and you can keep reading for long time without strain on your eyes.

Note: after the change the images in the pdf may not look the same it may disappear because of setting and when you reset the settings you can have a look at images in pdf.

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