Types of Data Analysis

Analysis involves estimating the values of unknown parameters of the population and testing hypothesis for drawing inferences.

Types of Analysis
a. Qualitative analysis
b. Content analysis
c. Quantitative analysis
d. Descriptive analysis
e. Bivariate analysis
f. Sequential analysis
g. Casual analysis
h. Multivariate analysis
i. Inferential analysis

j. Statistical analysis

Qualitative Analysis
It is less influenced by theoretical assumption. The limitation of this type of analysis is that the findings tend to be unrealisable. The information categories and interpreted after, differ considerable from one investigator to another one. In this system researcher to go through, research cycle, to increase reliability, repeating the research cycle is of value in some ways, but it does not ensure that the findings will have high reliability. Qualitative analyses are carried out in several different kinds of study like interview, case studies and observational studies.

Content Analysis
Content analysis is used where originally qualitative information is reduced to numerical terms. It is a method of analysis media output includes articles published in new papers, speeches made in radio, television and various type of propaganda. This method of analysis is applied to all most all form of communications.

Quantitative Analysis
The numerical data collected in study through descriptive statistics analysis can be conducted through measure of central tendency.

Descriptive Analysis
This analysis of one variable is called one dimensional analysis. This analysis measures condition at particular time.

Bivariate Analysis
The analysis in respect of two variables is called bivariate analysis. In this analysis collected data in placed into tabular form, so that the meaning of the data can be derived. In this method simple dimensional data is developed and put into two or more categories.

Sequential Analysis
When only factor is revel in the table at one time, this type of analysis is called sequential analysis is called sequential analysis. If we do the further analysis of the same data regard four going showed that person with leave travel concession facilities are more frequently going on tourism than those who are not gating facilities of casual analysis. It is concerned with study of one variable affecting another one.

Multivariate Analysis

With an advancement of computer application there is fast development of multivariate analysis, in which statistical method simultaneously analysis more than two variables.

Inferential Analysis

In order to decide the validity of data to indicate conclusion this analysis is concerned with tests for significance of hypothesis. One the basis of inferential analysis the task of interpretation is performed by estimating the population values.

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