Who are the participants in Stock market?

economy-2245097_640-001Anyone who transacts i.e. Trade or Invests in the stock market is called a Market Participant. The stock market attracts individuals and institutions from diverse backgrounds.  The market participant can be classified into various categories. Some of the categories of market participants are as follows:
  1. Domestic Retail Participants – These are people like you and me Buying and Selling, Trading and Investing in Share Market.
  2. NRI’s, PIO and OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) – These are people of Indian origin but based outside India.
  3. Domestic Institutions – These are large corporate entities based in India. A perfect example would be the LIC of India.
  4. Domestic Asset Management Companies (AMC) – Typical participants in this category would be the mutual fund companies such as SBI Mutual Funds, Canara Robeco Mutual Fund, HDFC AMC,  etc.
  5. Foreign Institutional Investors – These are Non-Indian corporate entities. These could be foreign asset management companies, hedge funds, and other investors. These could be an institution or even a Government. For example: Government of Singapore, Franklin Templeton Investment Funds.

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